Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Making of a Baby

i have been struggling for a few weeks with writing this post and after reading a blog today i knew that i needed to. please read the whole thing and don't stop its a story of miracles and hope and a special story that makes me believe that miracles do happen.

for most people having a baby is a simple thing. sex, positive test, and 9 months later a baby but for some couples its not so simple. for these couples it becomes worry, negative pregnancy tests, tears, drs, blood draws, more negative tests, injections, hormones, being told they will never conceive, 2nd options, surgeries, more tears and more drs and more heartache as the cycle just keeps repeating. And then for a few special couples something magical happens... a positive pregnancy test. with this positive test a whole new series of worries and questions. positives tests become 12 weeks, then 20, then 30 and then tears of sorrow become tears of joy and happiness as a baby girl is laid on her mothers chest for the first time. for this special couple it was 8 years in the making to bring this baby into the world. all the hope and tears and worrying and waiting for a miracle to happen when they were told it would never conceive a child of their own and a miracle happens. this baby girl is a miracle that god gave this special couple. no this couple is not me and my husband as we were bless to conceive shortly after trying, nor is it close friends although we have had many close friends go thru these struggles... its my parents. i am that baby girl, that miracle that god gave my parents. i am that hope that was never given up on and the miracle that was always wanted. and 29 years later i am writing to let these couples know to never give up on hope or miracles.

I read blogs about people who have these struggles. i cry tears of joy when they find out they are pregnant and tears of sorrow when they loose the pregnancy and tears of happiness when 9 months later they have a beautiful baby. these people never know that i look as i don't know what to say. i have never gone thru what they are going thru and i feel horrible that i have a baby after trying for a short time. i would love to be able to carry a child for them however with high blood pressure its not an option although i have discussed it with the hubby. after reading these couples struggles for a baby i can not justify having a second child. what give me the right to have another child when so many people cant have one of their own? all i want is for these people who so desperately want a child, a child they carry on their own to have a baby. to experience the feeling of a baby inside their belly to labor to first smiles and first laughs, to the joy of watching in amazement their eyes light up at everything b/c its all new, to crawling and pulling up to walking to first days of school and first loves, first heartbreaks, college, marriage and finally a baby of their own. i want these couples to have all of this and for them to have the joy of what my parents have and the miracle of that sweet baby girl that was place on my mothers chest. I read these couples blogs and wish and pray for them to have a baby. my track record with these couples is fairly good  i might add. i know that its only hoping and wishing but out of 6 people i have read their struggles daily, 2 have had babies, 2 are pregnant right now and 2 are going to be soon... i can feel it. i just want to let these people know that others are out there for them thinking and praying and wishing for a miracle as much as they are.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Bath and Body Works

This weekend only if you print this you can recieve a free trial trial sample of Bath and Body Works new fragrance "Be Enchanted." This expires this weekend and no purchase nessessary.

Savings Fund

I added $30 to my savings fund today from selling some cloth diapers on craigslist. they were B's that he didnt wear very much as i didnt like to cloth diapering very much. it was mainly b/c i work and my mom wouldnt use them so i had to by disposables anyways. it just became to much of a hassel. looking to sell other stuff on craigslist this week as well to add to the fund.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Savings and Vacations

Well it all started with a simple blog (couponing to Disney) and now I am a crazy extreme couponing mom. ok i am really not that crazy as i dont clear shelves or even get all of my groceries for free. however, i have been severly budgeting and couponing a ton so that we can either a. go on a really cool vacation, or b. get something the DH and i have been wanting for a while... an RV.  my family has gone a lot but we always went in an RV. it was great and cheap to go on vacation. i have managed to see a lot of the US this way. here is a list of destination that i remember going to as a child: galveston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Amarillo, Graceland, New York City, Nigra Falls, Disney World (twice), Pikes Peak, Various Places in Colorado, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. so far we have $61 in our fun savings. since we started last week. YAY! its a start. i am going to start posting my savings and others things here for fun! we have $30 left from this weeks budget so far so we will get to put that in the fun savings budget as well. YAY! cant wait to see how much we can save!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weight Issues

We took B to the dr tomorrow b/c he turned 1 yesterday!!! i cant believe how fast this year went and that my baby is now one. he is almost a toddler and i am sad (but still not sad enough to start trying for baby #2). The dr said that he was developing right on track and that his height is off the chart. he is 31.5in long which is in the 90%. his head is also doing lots better he went from the 5% to the 25% due to his helmet so YAY for that one. now on to the weight issue. he only weighs 19lbs 4 oz which is in the 5%. he dropped from the 10% to the 5%.  i was very very upset with this. he eats like a horse. yesterday he ate 2 eggs and a little cheese for breakfast, a cheese quesadilla  and 2 strawberries for lunch and 2 hot dogs, 2 nuggets and 5 green beans for dinner. he also has snacks and milk along he way.we were told that his not allowed to have an juice or formula any longer and to give him more meals through out the day. i really don't know what else to do and i was upset that this happened. we go back at 15 months for his MMR and his Chicken pox vaccine and for a weight check. i am hoping to add some lbs to him by then.
Does anyone here have any ideas on what to do or how to help him gain more weight? please help anything.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DOC Band Graduation!!

Ok B graduated out of his DOC band today!!!! we are so excited. we will get a full report thru email and i will post those pictures and how much his head grew when i get them. we are so excited about this photo shoot. He was also 11 months today. Here you go for your Veiwing pleasure
My Favorite