Friday, February 18, 2011

Weight Issues

We took B to the dr tomorrow b/c he turned 1 yesterday!!! i cant believe how fast this year went and that my baby is now one. he is almost a toddler and i am sad (but still not sad enough to start trying for baby #2). The dr said that he was developing right on track and that his height is off the chart. he is 31.5in long which is in the 90%. his head is also doing lots better he went from the 5% to the 25% due to his helmet so YAY for that one. now on to the weight issue. he only weighs 19lbs 4 oz which is in the 5%. he dropped from the 10% to the 5%.  i was very very upset with this. he eats like a horse. yesterday he ate 2 eggs and a little cheese for breakfast, a cheese quesadilla  and 2 strawberries for lunch and 2 hot dogs, 2 nuggets and 5 green beans for dinner. he also has snacks and milk along he way.we were told that his not allowed to have an juice or formula any longer and to give him more meals through out the day. i really don't know what else to do and i was upset that this happened. we go back at 15 months for his MMR and his Chicken pox vaccine and for a weight check. i am hoping to add some lbs to him by then.
Does anyone here have any ideas on what to do or how to help him gain more weight? please help anything.  

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