Friday, February 17, 2012

A Song of Fire and Ice

well i dont have to much to say lately b/c well we are boring people. haha i would love to say we were exciting people but we are just plan boring. something i LOVE to do is read. i am currently reading the series A Song of Fire and Ice (game of thrones for those folks who watch HBO) i just finished reading book 3 A Storm of Swords... the whole 1200 pages of it. (dont worry the next book is only 1700 pages so i will finish is real quickly, insert sarcastic eye roll here). i actually LOVE this series. and this book is so far my favorite. in all of his books every chapter is written by is different characters point of view which i absolutely love. its makes the books flow and makes you wanting more. i refuse to spoil anything for those who are reading so i wont say much about it however if you are reading or have already read this book please let me know. at one point i was so mad at what happened that i didnt read it for a week. here is/are a list of what i think about people in this book, however i will not spoil and let anyone know who gets killed b/c Martin is notorious for killing main characters. the killers i say die, die in the first book or first season of the show:
the Starks-
Eddard- you have to much honestly. i really wish 1. he would have told the king the truth, 2. not have crossed the lannisers and 3. would have stayed alive. really like sean beans characters but why do they always have to die?
Catelyn- not much to say about you. dont like you dont hate you. you are just sort of there but you do have bad judgement
Robb- you are just a boy winning a war and i really like this charater. i feel he will be a great man one day
Sansa- you are a stupid girl. dont really like this character but she explains a lot. half the time i just want to knock some sense into her b/c she is so stupid.
Arya- Love her! she is wonderful and i cant wait to see how she grows up to be. she is spunky and fun and wity however she is young. in the books she is about 8. she grows up really fast and i really like her a lot. she is a tom boy thru and thru which makes me like her even more
Bran/Ricken- lumping together b/c i dont really care much about them

John Snow- yes listing him as a stark. oh jon snow how sexy i think you are. called a snow b/c he is a bastard of Eddard stark however i am not sure about this. i have a theory about jon snow however i can neither confrim or deny so i wont say anything. love this character tho. cant wait to see how he turns out.
the Lannisters
Cersi- oh how i hate you b/c you are a bitch. you are why men hate women... enough said. oh wait i cant wait till you die a slow and painful death.
Joffrey- oh how i hate you as well... to me you remind me of the mad king probably b/c you are inbreed.
Jamee- dont know if i should love you or hate you... i will just hate you.

Tyrion- the imp. one of my favorite charatcer eventhough he is a lannister. i love him b/c he is so straight forward when no one else will be.
Misc Characters:
The Hound- i love to hate the hound. i want to believe that the hound overall is a good person and will overcome all the bad things that have happened to him. i really like this character and want them to keep him around.
the mountain-(the hounds brother) i hope you die a slow and painful death as well

Dany- cant wait till you come over. love this character as well. if you watch HBO she is like 18 in the book she is only 13 or 14 so i really love her characters as she is all about coming of age while trying to build an army to take her rightful place on the throne.
Jorah Marmont- can take him or leave him. dont really think he does much for the story line
Little finger- Ugh please die a slow and painful death as well. i really dont like this character however he plays the game of thrones and he plays it well.
the Eunuch- undecided i like him now however i know the way he is and i dont trust him one bit

Khal Drogo- why are you so stupid and why did you have to die? i could really have used a lot more shritlessness from you in the upcoming seasons. great character tho. really liked him. and i really liked him shirtless as well ;)
Gentry- great guy i would want him to marry arya someday
the Frey- all weasels in looks and the way they act

ok that is all i can think of right now. i hope you enjoyed that. i read a ton and if you want more info about books i have read let me know and i will post everytime i read a book. (which is a lot)

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