Sunday, August 26, 2012


its been a long time. mainly been posting in xanga b/c i forget about being here. anyways i will include my xanga entries here. here is the lastest one about my breast reduction surgery :)

Didnt really want to write Boob update in the title hehe but this will be all about the boobs. i went to the dr on Monday and guess what!!! i should be having my reduction surgery the first part of Nov. i really do not have to lose any weight b/c they are so big but the dr would like me to see me lose 10-20lbs. he said to say goodbye to most carbs and refined sugars :( i am very very day but know it will be for the best.
the dr came in and looked and said he would be taking about 5lbs of boobs away. i will go to a big C small D. i asked for a big B small C but he said based on how big they are he doesnt think that is wise. he said the more i lose the closer to just a C i will get. (depending how much i lose in the boob area) the surgery will also be a lift :) woohoo to not having to wear a bra 100% of the time now he said that they will still fall due to age, weight and gravity but for the first few years... not bra. i am so excited i can wear something like this
Beige V Neck Ruffles Party Dress
well ok i need the body and its a little to short for me but i could wear it if i wanted to.
i will also be able to shop at victoria secret if i want to. i have never in my life been able to shop there and yes i will probably go and buy one outragously expensive bra and panty set b/c i can hehe. i know i am a dork but it makes me so excited.
the dr said there shouldnt be much pain (eventho they will have to competly take off and put back on my nipple) and i am also not under restriction at all for work. i can go back the next day if i want! i plan on doing it and taking a thur, fri mon off and going back on tues. i am just beyond excited.
now my diet hasnt been going along to great right now. next week we will not be at the house at all due to the floors fianlly being done YAY!!! but i have been trying to eat better and better. i am a horrible eater and crave whats not good for me.. like cokes and fies... oh fries how i will hate to give you up. but i know by cutting a lot of carbs it will help me in the long run and it will also help me to look better for the cruise as well.
i can not wait to but a whole new wardrobe.

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