Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Books

2 nights in a row. i know right. i am an avid reader so i thought i would post the list of books i read last year. a total of 53. my goal was 50 so i beat it yay!!! this year of 2012 is 100... i dont know if i will make it and if i dont no biggie.
every year i take the top 100 fiction books from last the previous year and i try to read the books on said list. now i dont get to many of them b/c they are like #10 in a series and i have to start at book 1 so some dont get read and others dont get read for the fact that they are for teenagers. anyways here is my list from last year.

Smash Cut- Sandra Brown
Blood Games- Iris Johansen
Chasing the Night- Iris Johansen
Cross Fire- James Patterson
The Fury- LJ Smith
Dark Reunion- LJ Smith
Nightfall- LJ Smith
Shadow Souls- LJ Smith
Eight days to Live- Iris Johansen
Don’t Blink- James Patterson
Angel- James Patterson
The Search- Nora Roberts
Secret Vampire- LJ Smith
Daughters of Darkness- LJ Smith
Spellbinder- LJ Smith
Dark Summer- Iris Johansen
Marked- Kristen Cast
Betrayed- Kristen Cast
Chosen- Kristen Cast
Untamed- Kristen Cast
Hunted- Kristen Cast
Tempted- Kristen Cast
The Post Card Killers- James Patterson
Burned- Kristen Cast
Awakened- Kristen Cast
Naked In Death- JD Robb
Dead Reckoning- Charlaine Harris
Dark Angel- LJ Smith
The Chosen- LJ Smith
Soulamte- LJ Smith
Wiched Appetite- Janet Evanovich
Metro Girl- Janet Evanovich
Motor Mouth- Janet Evanovich
A Game of Thrones- George Martin
What Crazy Looks Like- Charlotte Hughes
Heart of the Sea- Nora Roberts
A Clash of Kings- George Martin
Irresistible Forces- Brenda Jackson
The Bride's Baby- Liz Felding
Slow Hands- Leslie Kelly
Hide in Plain Sight- Marta Perry
All I Want for Christmas is you- Lisa Mondello
Pleasure with Purpose- Lisa Renee Jones
Kiss Me Deadly- Michele Hauf
Once a Cowboy- Linda Warren
Homepun Bride- Jillian Hart
A Very Special Delivery- Linda Goodnight
Destined- Kristen Cast
Just a Hint Clint- Lori Foster
Christmas in Time- Peggy Webb
Christmas Redemption- Patricia Jager
Angel Be Good- Kathy Carmichael

anything in Green is a book that was on last year or the year befores top 100 list. just thought i would shares

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