Thursday, January 12, 2012

new resolutions

ok i am going to list all the resolutions that i am going to make here and i will review them next year
1. Lose weight- well duh! its a big one. i would like to lose it all this year however i know thats not possible since i want to lose over 100lbs but hey as far as i can get would be great. i weigh in on wed. and i will try to post ever weds that i go here. i didnt go this week b/c the DH worked really late but i am weighed and it said i lost about 1lbs so yay!
2. Cook more- this goes with #1. i cook a lot but i plan to cook way more than i do now. i am aiming for every day of the week. if DH and i want to go see a movie i plan to eat before we go instead of eating out which we both love to do (why #1 is #1)
3. Use my Crockpot more- my goal is to cook 2-3 days a week in the crock pot and i will try to post what i cook here as well to give everyone recipe ideas (if anyone wants them).
4. Workout- no not work out more just workout. i have not regularly worked out since... and i hate to admit this but high school. so yay like 11 years hehe. DH and i got p90x and are going to do that. we are going to start out 3 days a week. upper body, lower body and cardio.
5. Drink more water- anything is more than what i drink now so it will help with #1 and make me feel better
6. Pay off Debt- yeah this one is hard but we are getting so close to paying off all credit cards and then we will start back on the student loans. we stopped paying then when got a little out of control with our budget but we are back in control and doing what needs to be done. i am using and i love it (they are NOT paying me to endorse) i have set up a budget and we are sticking with it. we are doing amazing but hey it is only the first month
7. Get more into savings- nuff said. just want to have more a nest egg (like $20K or so) incase something happens to DH or me or we want to buy another house. we are looking to get a bigger house if we decide to have another baby
8. Clean out garage- this is such a huge project it gets its own task. we have boxes we have not unpacked since we moved in almost 4 years ago. we basically are just going thru then to take what is in them to be donated or be thrown away.
9. Orgnize house- want to slowly orginize house basically room by room and get rid of the stupid junk we do not need.
10. Decide if we want to have another baby or not- i have baby fever some days and other days i just want my 1. dont know what to do but if we dont get pregnant this year than there will be no babies.

ok i think that is all. i plan to cross them off and let you know what is going on thru out the year. i plan on trying to blog a lot more as well.

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