Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...

New Lauren???

ok well i am hoping to get on the blogging bandwagon again. i am just so bad at writting anything. i am going to try to do wordless wednesdays and post more often.

i am also going to try to lose weight which i have been saying for years but this year is my year!!! i did accomplish last years resolution which was to not gain any weight/lose some if i could. i lost 5lbs so yay for no gain and a little loss. i want to lose a total of about 110 to 125lbs. i know i wont loose it all in 1 year but i can start.

i also need to decide if i am going to get preganat again. i have decided that if i dont get pregnant this year i probably never will. i dont want B and his sibling to be to far apart in age. if i get pregnant by June then they would be right at 3 years apart. i want to lose 50lbs before i even want to try so i have a while to think about it. i really want B to have a sibling however i feel i can give him more if he is a lonely only. i wan an only and i feel that i got to do a lot more b/c my parents didnt have any other children. they tried but none ever came. DH has 2 siblings and he isnt close to either one. he also doesnt want to play favorites (in his family they do) or baby the baby. i had a horrible pregnancy so i dont know. i guess being on the fence probably means not right now. we will see :) any suggestions or ideas will be helpful.
i will leave you will a pic of my DH and B from yesterday!!!

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